A-10 Warthog Transformer

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Purpose / Brief:
To practice doing character art, I decided to create a Transformer OC based on an A-10 Warthog. Done in my spare time.

Created using:
3DS Max 2012
Mental Ray
Photoshop CS5
Bitmap 2 Material

Decided to make a Transformer original character based on an A-10 Warthog in order to practice character art.

A variety of techniques were used to model this, from extruding boxes, to building from plane edges, to using loft modifiers on shapes. Scale was kept in check by having a Biped from 3DS Max's systems tab present in the scene.

Bitmap 2 Material was used to generate standardised Normal, Specular, and Gloss maps. The Diffuse map was created from scratch in Photoshop - it had a base metal layer and then a paint and grunge layer on top. To simulate edge wearing, I simply used a rough eraser brush to erase sections of the paint layer along the edge of the UVs. This allowed the base metal layer to show through in the areas where paint is likely to have chipped off. Additional detail was added to the paint layer, such as rivets, metal seams, and vents to make some of the larger flat areas more interesting.

The environment was kept simple, and was created by box mapping randomly generated geometry with a procedural rock texture. Lighting was achieved with a mrDaylight system with some slight colour correction to give even lighting and soft shadows. A custom cloud / sky image was added into the environment slot to replace the default blank mrSky.

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